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Mortgage News

2019-07-10   Bank of Canada Rate Announcement July2019!
2019-06-24   Is Canada's First-Time Home Buyer incentive a 'bridge to nowhere'?
2019-06-19   Tough Canadian mortgage rules are slowing an out-of-control household debt problem
2019-06-12   Why Canada's mortgage regulator thinks the stress tests are 'working'
2019-05-29   Bank of Canada Rate Update May 2019!
2019-05-22   Home reno? Debt consolidation? Tapping your home equity is getting harder
2019-05-13   Interest-Only Mortgages Have Come To Canada, But Do We Really Need This 'Innovation'?
2019-05-01   Self-employed increasingly turning to private lenders for mortgages
2019-04-22   Canadians are turning to riskier lenders because of the mortgage stress test
2019-04-17   Mortgage stress test accounts for up to $15B drop in new mortgages in 2018: CIBC
2019-03-20   Homebuyers to get new mortgage incentive, Home Buyer's Plan boost under 2019 budget
2019-03-11   Central bank predicts longer slump and more uncertainty about future rate hikes
2019-03-06   Bank of Canada Rate Update!
2019-02-27   Millennial families are keeping their homeownership dreams alive in pricey Canadian cities
2019-01-30   Debt is keeping one in five Canadians from buying a home
2019-01-21   RBC cuts 5-year fixed mortgage rate, other banks expected to follow
2019-01-09   Bank of Canada Update
2019-01-02   Expert answers to 9 common homebuyer questions about closing costs
2018-12-26   These were the biggest Canadian housing market headlines of 2018
2018-12-24   Here's maybe why Canada's appetite for mortgage debt doesn't signal another housing crash
2018-12-17   Canadian home sales fall for a 3rd month; new listings also down: CREA
2018-12-05   Bank of Canada Rate Announcement!
2018-12-03   Why Canadians Really Need To Change Lenders At Mortgage Renewal Time, Especially Now
2018-10-26   Major banks raise prime rates after Bank of Canada interest rate decision
2018-10-24   Bank of Canada increases overnight
2018-10-22   Locking in your mortgage could save you money, but it depends on your plans
2018-10-19   What you need to know about how higher rates affect Canada's banks
2018-10-15   Canadian firms expect to ramp up investment: Bank of Canada survey
2018-10-11   Why a Bank of Canada interest rate hike for October just got a lot more likely
2018-10-01   What you probably don't know about renewing your mortgage
2018-09-19   New mortgages up 63% among Canadians aged 73-93
2018-09-14   To rent or own - that is the question
2018-08-01   A lacklustre housing market isn't holding back Canada's economy
2018-07-25   Reverse mortgage, downsizing or HELOC? The best way to boost your retirement income
2018-07-16   The governor of Bank Of Canada, had some advice this week for Canadians
2018-07-12   What the interest rate hike could mean for the Canadian housing market
2018-07-11   Bank of Canada raises overnight rate target to 1.5 per cent
2018-07-02   Vancouver Home Purchasers Tend to Overshoot Their Home Buying Budget
2018-05-30   Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1.25 per cent.
2018-05-23   Toronto Millennials dream of backyards but are stuck in condos: report
2018-05-02   Hey Canadian Millennials, Here's Proof You Missed Out On Buying A House
2018-04-11   Renters struggle to find homes as prices climb, availability declines
2018-04-04   Over a third of Canadians are thinking of hitting up the Bank of Mom and Dad in order to b
2018-03-14   Bank of Canada: degree of untapped potential remains in economy
2018-03-07   Bank of Canada holds key rate at 1.25% as uncertainties loom
2018-03-05   High Debt Loads Or Not, Canadians Are Rocking This Mortgage Thing
2018-02-21   Canadian Banks Are About To Make Things Much Harder For Foreign Buyers
2018-01-17   Bank of Canada increases overnight rate target to 1 1/4 per cent
2017-12-08   How could public home sale data affect Toronto's real estate market?
2017-12-06   Bank of Canada keeps interest rate steady at 1%
2017-12-04   CREA wants parents to assist children with home purchase with their RRSPs
2017-11-29   Household debt, home prices biggest risk to Canadian economy, Bank of Canada says
2017-11-01   B.C. moves to stop landlords from flipping tenants, hiking rent between leases
2017-10-27   'Lot of things that have to come together' before next rate hike, Stephen Poloz says
2017-10-25   Bank of Canada keeps benchmark interest rate steady at 1%
2017-10-23   How Canada's new mortgage rules could impact the Bank of Mom and Dad
2017-10-09   Mortgage rules discriminate against new Canadians, entrepreneurs: CMHC - BNN
2017-10-06   Most Canadians willing to exceed their budgets to buy a home: TD survey
2017-09-06   Bank of Canada increases overnight rate target to 1 per cent
2017-09-01   BCREA cautions Canadian government not to change mortgage qualification
2017-08-30   Canadians prioritize mortgage payments over other debts, say experts - CBC News
2017-08-25   Average amount owing on mortgages rises 5 per cent, TransUnion Canada says - Toronto Star
2017-08-02   Silence from Bank of Canada bolsters market bet on October hike - Reuters
2017-07-21   Canadians' credit in good standing despite a surge in household debt - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-07-17   Canada's banks increase prime lending rates - BNN
2017-07-14   Interest rates have finally increased: How that could affect your loans - CBC News
2017-07-12   Bank of Canada increases overnight rate target to 3/4 per cent - Bank of Canada
2017-07-10   What to expect from the Bank of Canada's overnight rate announcement... - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-06-30   CMHC to pay $4B special dividend to federal government - CBC News
2017-06-26   Canada inflation rate cools in May, making July rate hike less likely - Reuters
2017-06-23   3 things to consider about how higher interest rates will impact Canadia... - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-06-16   Mortgage delinquency rates low in Toronto, Vancouver despite high prices: CMHC - CBC News
2017-06-14   Bank of Canada's Poloz: Rate cuts have largely done their work - Reuters
2017-06-12   House prices and debt loads a growing concern, Bank of Canada says - CBC News
2017-06-05   CMHC insurance volumes plunged 41% after mortgage rules tightened - CBC News
2017-05-30   By giving up avocado toast or lattes, how quickly could you save... - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-05-26   'Homeowners are not prepared': Survey shows 20% of Canadians don't have a rainy day... BNN
2017-05-25   Mortgages make up nearly half of Canadian seniors' debt - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-05-23   Income volatility an emerging issue for Canadians. Here’s how... BuzzBuzzNews

Real Estate News

2019-07-15   Housing data reveals ‘growing divergence’ between eastern and western Canada
2019-07-03   Average price of a Hamilton-Burlington home just shy of $594,000: report
2019-06-26   Canadian Housing Market Poll Finds 2/3 Are 'Concerned' With Where Things Are Headed
2019-06-18   Expect Canada's hardest-hit housing markets to 'stabilize' through the rest of 2019
2019-06-10   What you'll spend on the 10 most common home renovation projects
2019-06-05   Metro Vancouver home sales up 'modestly' in May: Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
2019-05-27   Homebuyers escaping high housing costs by relocating to secondary cities
2019-05-21   The International Monetary Fund warns easing Canada's housing rules would be 'ill-advised'
2019-05-15   Canadian home sales up 4.2% year-over-year, first increase since Dec. 2017
2019-05-08   Condo launch delays are hurting Vancouver homebuyers
2019-05-06   Here's What The Bank Of Canada Says Is The Real Reason For The Housing Slowdown
2019-04-15   Average house price fell 1.8 per cent to $481,745, CREA says
2019-04-10   Home prices have been rising in this Canadian market for 49 straight months
2019-04-08   56% of Canadians would wait until next year to buy a home: Survey
2019-04-03   GTA home sales flat in March while prices edge up and listings fall
2019-04-01   Looking for a deal on a new home? Try these Canadian cities in 2019
2019-03-27   The Canadian housing market will be busy this spring - just not for realtors
2019-03-25   Online luxury real estate auctions aim to shake up sales
2019-03-18   Canadian home sales fall in February, average price down; CREA updates outlook
2019-03-13   Why are hundreds of luxury Vancouver mansions being rented for cheap?
2019-03-04   Ottawa wants to help millennials to buy homes, RBC says there is no magic bullet
2019-02-25   Slowdown in housing market continued in January: B.C. Real Estate Association
2019-02-13   Another indication of the high cost of land in Metro Vancouver
2019-02-11   First-time buyer FOMO: 3 tips to keep you going when home-buying stress hits hard
2019-02-06   Toronto home sales see small uptick in January as prices continue to go up
2019-02-04   New home sales in GTA sank to lowest level since 2000, say reports
2019-01-28   House listed for less than $1M shows Vancouver's softening market
2019-01-23   For sale: What $500,000 can get homebuyers across Canada
2019-01-16   Home sales down in December to cap weakest annual sales since 2012: CREA
2019-01-07   Toronto area home sales fall to 10-year low in 2018 as number of listings dip
2018-12-31   Real estate industry poised for a tech disruption in 2019
2018-12-21   2019 expected to be worst year for Canadian home sales in nearly a decade
2018-12-12   Condominium market still 'a lot better' than normal in Vancouver suburbs
2018-12-10   Here's how the final quarter of 2018 is shaping up for the Canadian housing market
2018-12-07   Once on top, the Canadian housing market has fallen...
2018-11-30   3 concerns Canadian housing market experts say are not worth worrying about - yet
2018-11-28   National vacancy rate falls to 2.4%, demand still outpacing supply: CMHC
2018-11-23   Alberta remains affordable for homeowner hopefuls: study
2018-11-19   Here's how deteriorating affordability is affecting the Canadian housing market this Novem
2018-11-14   8 need-to-know stats about the Canadian housing market heading into 2019
2018-11-13   Vancouver Condos Boom, Toronto Suburbs Swoon In 'Fickle' Housing Market
2018-11-09   Annual pace of housing starts picked up in October, topped expectations
2018-11-07   CMHC forecasts 'moderation' in Canadian housing market over next two years
2018-11-05   Greater Toronto home prices up 3.5 per cent in October from a year ago
2018-10-31   3 predictions on what 2019 could have in store for the Canadian housing market
2018-10-29   A more open real estate bidding process can benefit everyone, says OREA
2018-10-09   3 factors that could impact housing affordability in the GTA, according to experts
2018-10-03   Vancouver Housing Demand Drops Like A Rock, And Prices Are Now Falling
2018-09-28   Luxury-home sales are booming in Toronto, tumbling in Vancouver
2018-09-24   What can we expect from the GTA fall housing market? Experts weigh in
2018-09-17   Toronto Real Estate Board to allow realtors to post home sales data on Tuesday at noon
2018-09-10   Metro Vancouver home prices edge lower for 2 straight months
2018-09-07   A hard lesson on student debt is spelled RESP
2018-09-06   Does a cooler Canadian housing market means household debt is on the decline?
2018-09-05   According to this bank, the Canadian housing market has finally stabilized
2018-08-29   Calgary has more cranes than New York
2018-08-27   TREB looking to 'protect' home sales data, despite realtors already posting it
2018-08-22   Montreal's housing market is close to overheating: Desjardins
2018-08-13   Some experts do not think the Canadian housing market is out of the woods
2018-07-04   Canadian Home Ownership Costs Hit 'Multi-Decade Highs':RBC
2018-06-13   Young British Columbians consider moving to avoid high home ownership costs
2018-06-11   Here's what to expect from the Canadian housing market in the second half of 2018
2018-05-16   Owners of multimillion dollar Vancouver homes speak out against tax bump
2018-05-14   TREB letter blasts Ontario Real Estate Association over negative portrait of market
2018-05-07   Montreal-area home sales in April up 10 per cent from year ago: board
2018-04-25   B.C.'s condo-flipping crackdown law targets tax evasion to keep down prices
2018-04-18   Here's what April GTA home sales are telling us about the spring market so far
2018-04-16   Toronto March home sales plunge, average prices down
2018-04-09   Vancouver home sales continue to drop but the new mortgage rules aren't the main cause
2018-03-26   These Canadian cities are going to see a major boost to their luxury real estate markets i
2018-03-21   Could these Toronto neighbourhoods be hit hardest if housing prices continue to fall?
2018-03-19   B.C. launches anonymous tipline for reporting suspicious real estate practices
2018-02-19   Is the Canadian housing market on the right path in 2018, or is it in for a bumpy road? Ex
2018-02-12   Tips For Buying A Toronto Condo In 2018
2018-02-07   These 3 Canadian cities could see a huge surge in commercial growth in 2018
2018-01-29   15 eat-in kitchens that are way better than traditional dining rooms
2018-01-22   A cooling market, but not for long - what economists are saying about Canadian housing thi
2018-01-15   National home sales, prices rise in December ahead of new mortgage rules: CREA
2018-01-08   Montreal real estate market has best sales growth in a decade
2018-01-05   Toronto home prices inch up despite 172% Dec. inventory surge
2017-12-27   Here's what's missing from new data about foreign buyers in Greater Vancouver
2017-12-25   Housing affordability in Canada at worst level since 1990: RBC
2017-12-22   Foreign ownership below 5% in Toronto, Vancouver
2017-12-20   Condos and climbing prices: 5 real estate trends to expect in 2018
2017-12-18   CREA cuts 2017, 2018 home sales forecast despite 3.9% Nov. rise
2017-12-15   New home prices rise 0.1%, Toronto prices rise for first time in 5 months: StatsCan
2017-12-13   High B.C. housing demand, prices fuelled by strong economy: Study
2017-12-11   Pace of Canadian housing starts picks up, six-month trend highest in years: CMHC
2017-12-01   Over a third of Canadians have no idea about new mortgage rules changes, but are planning
2017-11-27   10 stats you should know about Toronto's new home market heading into 2018
2017-11-22   Feds housing plan not seen as 'major game changer' for desperate buyers
2017-11-15   Toronto, Vancouver housing to become less affordable 'when the fog clears': CIBC
2017-11-13   Strength in Vancouver market pushes Canada new home prices up 0.2% in September
2017-11-10   These 4 GTA areas are poised for huge commercial and residential growth
2017-11-08   Experts see some relief for Vancouver's tight housing market by late 2018
2017-11-06   Greater Montreal homes sold quicker in Oct. as prices rose seven per cent
2017-10-30   The death of the single-detached home is here: CMHC
2017-10-20   Canadian home resales edge higher in September: CREA - Reuters
2017-10-18   Canadian housing having Goldilocks moment: Royal LePage - BNN
2017-10-04   Canada's housing affordability at worst level since 1990: RBC
2017-10-02   All of Canada's top 20 luxury home markets are in BC and Ontario - Buzz
2017-09-25   Canada's housing market set to impact the country's economy in 2018. Here's how-Buzz
2017-09-20   Canada's housing market seen headed for deceleration over next 5 years - CBC News
2017-09-18   CREA cuts national home resale outlook, driven by Ontario market - CBC News
2017-09-15   Canada housing starts rise unexpectedly in August: CMHC
2017-09-04   Here’s how Millennials could be driving up BC condo prices - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-08-31   Poll: Canada's roaring housing market set to cool, but only a bit - Reuters
2017-08-28   Renters beware: Fraudsters using old real estate listing in scam - CTV News
2017-08-21   Average price of Canadian home sold in July inched down 0.3% to $478,696 ... - CBC News
2017-08-18   What's keeping Greater Vancouver's housing market from rebalancing? - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-08-16   The reason Ontario's Fair Housing Plan 'looks like a policy win': BMO - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-08-14   9 stats you should know about Toronto's housing market in July 2017 - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-08-11   Montreal home sales sizzle in summer as Vancouver, Toronto chill - CTV News
2017-08-09   Mortgages are eating up slightly less of Calgarians' incomes - Calgary Herald
2017-08-07   Vancouver real estate market unfazed by foreign buyers' tax one year later - CBC News
2017-08-04   High housing costs spur multigenerational households in Canada - Reuters
2017-07-26   In these Canadian cities housing is actually becoming more, not less ... - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-07-19   Average Canadian house worth $504,458 in June, down 10% since April - CBC News
2017-07-07   This expert says one country has an even bigger housing bubble than Canada - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-07-05   Home prices to remain flat across Canada in 2018, says RBC - is this... - Global News
2017-06-28   Spending on home renovations in Alberta soars to record high $1.8B - CBC News
2017-06-21   Canadian home sales fell 6% in May, but prices still higher than last year - CBC News
2017-06-19   Why are home prices in these 3 markets rising faster than Canada's? - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-06-08   Canadians’ preference for online mortgage transactions is growing... BuzzBuzzNews
2017-06-02   What more can policymakers do to cool Canadian housing? Lots, says the IMF - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-05-27   Canada home resales fall in April as market cooling begins: CREA - BNN
2017-05-21   Here is how many first-time buyers are opting for condos across major... - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-05-20   Average Canadian house worth $559,317 last month, up 10% in past year - CBC News
2017-05-18   Canadian home sales slow in April as Ontario's foreign-buyer tax takes hold - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-05-16   ANALYSIS 'The worst scenario': What if Canada's real estate bubble bursts? - CBC News

Business & Finance News

2019-07-17   Canadian inflation dips to 2.0% in June, hitting central bank target
2019-07-01   The fiercely-criticized First-Time Home Buyer Incentive may be able to help you buy a home
2019-06-03   Should you postpone buying a home to save for a larger down payment?
2019-05-10   Personal Investor: Why owning a home is a great retirement investment
2019-04-29   How to battle burnout when you're saving for a downpayment
2019-01-14   Canadian insolvencies increased 5.2 per cent in November from prior year: report
2018-12-19   76% of Canada's national wealth appears to be wrapped up in real estate
2018-11-26   Affordable housing goals hang in delicate balance: Bank of Canada deputy
2018-11-21   How CRA treats you depends on where you live, auditor reports
2018-09-12   Personal Investor: Potential TFSA landmine could be costly
2018-08-20   Payday loan searches topped mortgage questions in Canada last year: Data
2018-08-15   Canada's unemployment rate drops to 4-decade low at 5.8%
2018-08-08   Retirement planning isn't just about the money
2018-07-30   Personal Investor: Small business tips for the summer doldrums
2018-07-23   Personal Investor: 5 summer tips for the lazy investor
2018-07-18   Recent survey shows one in four Canadians say they face economic hardship
2018-06-27   Ranks of Canada's Miillionaires may be on the rise!
2018-06-20   Get back to basics with the three Rs of financial planning
2018-06-18   3 mistakes that explain why you can't ever save enough
2018-06-06   10 things to do right now to get out of debt
2018-06-04   Understanding your net worth statement
2018-05-28   Hidden fees that could eat away at your investments
2018-05-22   Canadian students owe $28B in government loans, some want feds to stop charging interest
2018-05-09   Canadian Rental Housing Index Shows 1 In 5 Households Give Half Their Income To The Landlo
2018-04-30   Jumping mortgage rates will further tighten the debt vise for Canadians
2018-04-23   While inflation pressure heats up, Stephen Poloz comfortable with keeping his powder dry
2018-04-02   Disappointing Canada growth data for January heralds under par Q1
2018-03-28   Here are 10 key details you need to know about BC's new speculation tax
2018-03-12   One in five Canadians would give up right to vote for debt relief: Poll
2018-02-28   Millennials are ditching credit cards, and it's threatening the entire industry
2018-02-26   Personal Investor: How to save on taxes with the right RRSP/TFSA balance
2018-02-14   When saving into an RRSP instead of a TFSA could cost you dearly
2018-02-05   7 common mistakes that explain why you never have enough money
2018-01-31   Canadian dollar reaches four-month high as economy strengthens, greenback falls
2018-01-24   51% of Canadians don't have a will in place, poll finds
2018-01-10   How the strong jobs data will impact Canadian real estate in early 2018
2018-01-03   Mortgage stress tests, wage hikes and carbon tax: What's new in 2018
2017-12-29   The average Canadian owes $8,500 in consumer debt, excluding their mortgage: Ipsos poll
2017-11-24   Canadian households lead the world in terms of debt: OECD
2017-11-20   Personal Investor: Why investors should act their age
2017-11-17   New mortgage rules could be bad news for Canadians' debt loads
2017-11-03   How rising interest rates could affect your investment portfolio
2017-10-16   Canada's high debt levels troubling, new IMF reports warns - Global
2017-10-13   Activist investors step up efforts to unlock value in Canadian REITs - BNN
2017-10-11   OSFI not waiting for housing, debt risks to 'crystallize' - BNN
2017-09-29   Bank of Canada walks fine line as rate hikes boost loonie - Reuters
2017-09-27   Canada’s household debt levels are the highest in the G7. But should we be worried?
2017-09-22   Canadians' debt-to-disposable income load climbs in Q2 - CBC News
2017-09-13   Rising interest rates could spell trouble for home equity loans - CBC News
2017-09-11   Consumer non-mortgage debt rises 3.3% in 2nd quarter: Equifax - CBC News Business
2017-09-08   Almost half of Canadian employees living paycheque to paycheque, survey indicates - CBC Ne
2017-08-23   What a stronger Loonie means for foreign real estate investment in Canada - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-07-31   Canada's economy blows past estimates with 4.6% growth - BNN
2017-07-28   Is Canada's multi-trillion-dollar household debt tally even a problem? - BuzzBuzzNews
2017-07-24   Canada's net worth at all-time highs, despite record debt: Study - BNN
2017-05-29   Personal Investor: Facing a tax audit? Remain calm - BNN
2017-05-28   Canada's GenX-ers, 30-somethings earning more on average than their parents: StatCan - BNN
2017-05-24   Canadian banks set to reveal quarterly earnings amid housing & debt concerns - CBC News
2017-05-24   Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1/2 per cent - Bank of Canada
2017-05-22   Big bank questions credit-rating agency for downgrading Canada’s banks... - BuzzBuzzNews

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